Your Hall

By Rostom Mesli

The Leather Hall of Fame will be what we make it, together.  We includes you.

Beloved, beautiful perverts, we’re hungry for your help, your input, your information, and your resources.  Here are some of the ways you can help the Leather Hall of Fame get better.

Nominate someone: No matter how big their achievements, no one is inducted unless they are nominated! Take a look at the 36 inductees and think about who isn’t there that should be. Your favorite author, bar owner, community leader, event producer, entertainer, philosopher, manufacturer, retailer will not be inducted until they are nominated. Organizations are eligible too, both non-profits (leather clubs, charities, advocacy groups, etc.) and businesses (bars, stores, events, etc.).

We seek nominees of all genders and sexual orientations, from anywhere in the world. Keep in mind nominees must have made a substantial contribution to the community dating back at least 25 years (i.e. 1995) to be eligible.

We’d love your help! Visit to fill out the Inductee Nomination Form. This year, the deadline is October 30th, midnight CT. If you miss the deadline – send your nomination anyway.  Your nominee will be on the ballot the following year!

Biographies and Photos: Perhaps the most important work of the Leather Hall of fame is the creation of the inductees’ biographies. For many of them, there is no other written biography anywhere. We began this important work in earnest starting in year 4, so several of the earli- est inductees still need a biography.

The Leather Hall of Fame seeks writers and researchers to help develop the inductees’ biographies, especially for inductees of the first three years: John Willie; Frank Olson & Don Morrison; Satyrs MC; the Eulenspiegel Society; Leonard Burtman; and Bob Milne. If you’d like to take one of those on, please let us know. And if you have valuable information or meaningful photos about any inductee – or if you know someone else who does – please hit us up and let’s work together to make more information available about our community’s trailblazers.

Newsletter and Social Media: Want to help us spread the word about the Leather Hall of Fame through this newsletter or social media platforms?  We’d love to hear from you.

Help Us Celebrate Jim Ward, Pauline Rėage, MLC Munich and Daniel Dumont: On November 15, during Virtual CLAW 6, we will celebrate our 2020 inductees and remember our friend Daniel Dumont, who served on the LHoF Selection Committee for 11 years before dying of COVID-19 in March.

Want to say or do something at the ceremony? Do you know Jim Ward, or have a story

about the Gauntlet or kinky piercings? Did Story of O change your life in some way when you read it? Have been part of MLC Munich, or do you have a story to tell about their amazing play space? Is yours one of the many lives throughout Europe and beyond that was touched by Daniel Dumont?  Please contact us today!  We want you to be part of the celebration.

Donations: Last but not least, the Leather Hall of Fame needs money to operate. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, our annual budget is less than $5000.

  • $5/month pays for one of the obelisks given to an inductee;
  • $25/month makes it possible for that person to travel to the ceremony;
  • $100/month allows us to give $400 stipend to all three biographers for the year.


Whoever you are, whatever your talent, your resources, your ideas, your questions, contact Rostom Mesli (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Bob Miller (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) today. This is your hall, y’all!


Rostom Mesli, Managing Director

Ps. Thank you to Roger Edwards for the design and layout of this and future publications of Permanent Marks.


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