2010 Satyrs2010 Leather Hall of Fame Inductee
The Satyrs MC


The Satyrs MC was founded in 1954 in Los Angeles and is the longest continuously running gay organization in America, leather or otherwise. The Satyrs was formed by leather-clad bikers interested in sex during an era when that sort of sexual expression often resulted in arrest. From the beginning, the Satyrs rode to national parks for camping and sex with men, and they still host their annual Badger Flat Run, now in its 49th year. Many clubs and organizations around the world can trace some part of their roots back to the Satyrs or the bylaws they adopted back in 1954. Member of the Satyrs stood up to the Los Angeles Police Department's raids of the 70's, eventually resulting in the end of those raids and entrapments. The Satyrs continue to be a very active club with as bright a future as they have a notorious past.

106 Valley Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264;  269-588-9100

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