2010 DeBlase200x1572010 Leather Hall of Fame Inductee
Tony DeBlase


Tony DeBlase was perhaps the most transformational figure in the history of the leather community. He developed the contest and demonstration schedule at the Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno, and he helped export those lessons to other, less experienced SM clubs. He was the Founding publisher of DungeonMaster magazine, the best and most extensive published source of SM technique, much of it written by DeBlase himself. He was the publisher of Drummer magazine during its peak years from 1986-1992. He was a co-founder of the Leather Archives & Museum where he served as an officer and developed the Leather History Time Lines. He wrote leather fiction under the name Fledermous, and was a frequent lecturer and workshop leader. In 1989 he designed the Leather Pride Flag. He won multiple awards and was a mentor to many. Tony died in July, 2000.

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